Vocation Profile - Sons of Our Mother of Peace

Sons of Our Mother of Peace

Fr. Bartholomew Anokwute, S.M.P.
Vocation Director
6150 Antire Road
High Ridge, MO 63049

(314) 239-0342

Professed members12 (9 in Nigeria)
Year founded1966
Generalate/motherhouseHigh Ridge, MO

Springfield-Cape Girardeau, MO
Nigeria, Philippines
We are a Religious Community of Apostolic Hermits dedicated to seeking union with God through the faithful living of our charism, and also seeking to bring the truths of the Gospel to God’s people. As “… the Holy Spirit urged Jesus into the desert …” (Mk. 1:12), we are led by the Holy Spirit into our Solitude to respond to God’s call; so that through prayer, penance and total self-gift, God’s Presence about us, within us, within others and in all the circumstances which God’s Holiness places in our lives might become an ever deepening conscious reality and the cause for wondrous joy. Following the spiritual teachings of St. John of the Cross, and with the help of God’s grace, we establish a setting in which the contemplative life, with a strong focus on solitude and solitary prayer, will be available in the context of austere simplicity, through which we seek deeper communion with God. Within the context of our strong focus on prayer and solitude, we engage in the two fold apostolates of: a) helping persons deepen in prayer and self-discipline, through our retreat program, conferences on the spiritual life and spiritual direction; b) making the Catholic Faith available to both non-practicing Catholics and non-Catholics by door to door evangelization.
We consider these qualifications in dealing with each candidate: a.) one who has Practiced the Catholic Faith for at least two years, values the Sacraments, accepts and strives to be faithful to the teachings of the Catholic Church as expressed by the Church’s Magisterium. b.) One who experiences the call or the attraction to TOTAL CONSECRATION in a religious community setting, and desiring deeper union with God, along with a definite MISSION in His Church. c.) One who has at least average intelligence (to meet the demands of seminary studies for one also seeking the priesthood). d.) One who has a wholesome prayer life and relationship with God, and the openness to spiritual growth and direction. e.) One who has sufficient physical, psychological and emotional health. f.) One who is free from serious family and financial obligations.
Our formation program calls for a well concentrated focus on enabling the candidate to develop a greater love for God, and a deeper knowledge and appreciation of our particular way of life and charism. We dedicate a period of two to three years to initiate formation, which begins with Pre-Postulancy (or Aspiracy), in which the candidate is exposed, in an in-depth form, to the fundamental aspects of Christian and Religious life: on the call to become a true disciple of Jesus Christ (This period will extend between 6 to 12 months). This period is followed by one year of Postulancy, and the final year of an uninterrupted year of novitiate, which focuses more on our particular charism and way of life. Right after this year the candidate will take vows for a year, which are renewed every year until he takes perpetual vows. And at the end of this period of initial formation, the candidate who experiences the call to priesthood will be enrolled in the Seminary for his philosophical and theological studies.
Age range/limit
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