Vocation Profile - Disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ

Disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ

Sr. Ana Chiara Richardson DLJC
Vocation Directress
P.O. Box 64
Prayer Town, TX 79010

806-534-2312 x123

Professed members34
Year founded1972
Generalate/motherhousePrayer Town, TX

Amarillo, TX; Santa Fe, NM
Monterrey, Mexico
The Disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ is a Franciscan contemplative community with evangelistic apostolates. Our members seek to follow in the footsteps of Jesus the Lord through the profession of the vows of poverty, chastity and obedience. We also make a promise of fellowship in the Spirit with all members of our institute. Since its inception, Mother John Marie founded the institute in the charismatic tradition. We follow the rule of the Third Order Regular of St. Francis of Assisi and our own constitutions. The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, personal prayer and communal prayer, praise, and worship are the very substance of our daily lives. Joyful praise is characteristic of our communal prayer and ministry. We sing the Liturgy of the Hours, have a communal Holy Hour, as well as having other opportunities for Eucharistic Adoration. Like Saint Francis, we find a rhythm in our own lives from intense prayer to evangelistic outreach and back to prayer again. “Hermits’ Days” are arranged frequently, during which sisters are exempt from scheduled activities so as to spend time in personal prayer and solitude. Silence is the atmosphere in their houses which fosters the essential relationship with God. We spend at least eight days a year on retreat. We also enjoy one another during our recreation times. As Disciples we carry on the ministry of Jesus. We minister to the spiritual needs of people of all ages world-wide through retreats, vacation bible schools, door to door evangelization, parish missions, foreign missions, prayer ministry, spiritual direction and ministry to charismatic prayer groups.
Must have a high school diploma; sound physical, mental and emotional health; a positive disposition and ability to get along with others; be a practicing Catholic; fidelity to the Holy Father and the teachings of the Catholic Church; a desire for a simple Franciscan life; zeal to proclaim the Gospel; openness to the gifts of the Holy Spirit; desire for a deep life of prayer; generous in responding to the call of God.
A candidate first spends three months in the aspirancy program. Formation then begins with a nine month postulancy, followed by two years of novitiate and four years of temporary vows. When this initial formation is completed, then profession of final vows takes place.
Age range/limit
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