Vocation Profile - Society of the Oblates of Wisdom

Society of the Oblates of Wisdom

Msgr. John F. McCarthy
P.O. Box 13230
Saint Louis, MO 63157


Professed members7 professed; 2 sworn members
Year founded1979
Generalate/motherhouseSt. Louis, MO
Province/federationAssociation of Diocesan Priests

La Crosse, WI; Lincoln, NE; Ponce, Puerto Rico; St. Louis, MO; Syracuse, NY
1 member in Poland; 1 member in Tanzania, 1 member in Rome, Italy
The Society of the Oblates of Wisdom is a Public Association of Diocesan Priests, approved by the Diocese of La Crosse, Wisconsin, for service in La Crosse and elsewhere. We are involved in parish work, education, catechesis and evangelization. Diocesan priests may join while remaining in their diocesan assignments. Other members take an oath of adherence and work full time in the Oblates' corporate apostolate. Members constantly seek to fortify their ordinary priestly life and ministry by organized study of the teaching of the Church and of the sources of Divine Revelation. The Oblates seek to understand the directives of the Second Vatican Council and to apply them to present circumstances in keeping with the tradition that forms the background of the Council. We promote the knowledge and use of Latin in liturgical functions as well as the intelligent use of the vernacular. By recourse to the intercession of Mary, the Oblates of Wisdom are able to live each succeeding day with the joy and hope that the Apostles experienced on the first Pentecost Sunday.
Diocesan priests or qualified students are encouraged to inquire if they agree with these practices: consecration to Jesus through Mary; personal and group rule of life; an apostolate favoring Catholic tradition; at least five study hours a week; clerical dress; abstinence from liquor and tobacco.
Contact the Oblates for their formation program.
Age range/limit
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