Dominican Sisters - Hawthorne, NY Motherhouse

Come for several days or stay the entire week at our Motherhouse in Hawthorne, New York

(Approximately 45 minutes travel time from major metropolitan New York area airports.)

We invite interested women who are exploring their religious vocation to visit us at our Motherhouse during one of our vocation weeks. It is an opportunity to meet members of our community and to get a sense of the tone and tempo of our religious life, as well as to become acquainted with the nature of our apostolate.

We are a Catholic congregation of religious women living in community. We take the vows of poverty, chastity and obedience and pursue a deep prayer life. Our unified apostolate witnesses to the sanctity of life at all stages. We nurse incurable cancer patients in seven modern homes. All care is free. Many who enter our Community have no prior nursing experience.

We have communities in New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Georgia & Minnesota.

To make arrangements, call or write:

Sr. Alma Marie, O.P., Vocation Director
Dominican Sisters of Hawthorne
Rosary Hill Home
600 Linda Avenue  Hawthorne, NY 10532
Phone: 914-769-4794

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