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Listening: The Heart of Discernment

Growing in intimacy with God presupposes a listening heart. By listening, we are able to hear the “whisper” of God’s gentle voice amid all the earthquakes, storms and fires in our life.

Why “Desert Days”? It was in the desert that God purified his people and prepared them to enter and possess the promised land. In the desert, Elijah encounters God in the still voice; it is in the desert that we hear the “Voice crying out: “Prepare the way for the Lord, make straight his paths”; and in the desert, Jesus comes to a deeper understanding of His real identity, and wins the fight when He is tempted. A desert, therefore is a place we go to be by ourselves, with less distractions, and there we meet God who awaits us.

These monthly Desert Days, facilitated by a team of Sisters, will provide an opportunity to “Listen” with the ear of your heart to the voice that claims you as His own.

Who can Attend: Any Young Adult Women with a desire to know, love and serve God

When are these held: Each Month

Where are they held: Immaculata Monastery & Spirituality Center, 300 N. 18th Street, Norfolk, NE 68701

What to Expect: Opening Conference; Lots of Free time for personal prayer (Desert); opportunities for spiritual direction; sack lunch; shared Lectio on the graces received during the day.

How Do I Register?

Visit our Website: www.mbsmissionaries.org

Facebook: Missionary Benedictine Sisters - Norfolk Priory

Phone: (402) 371-3438

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