Heralds of Holiness is comprised of a series of large, striking and informative panels depicting the consecrated life throughout the Church’s first two millennia. They beautifully illustrate the lived reality of religious life today and the rich history of the past.

They can be very  a very helpful resource for a vocations event in a parish, at a religious community or at a youth conference.

In some dioceses, the panels have been on the constantly on the move! Traveling from vocations events to shrines and to parishes.

The exhibit is free! All you pay are shipping charges to and from an event. 

Included in the panels are:

  • Descriptions of the great orders - Benedictine, Franciscan, Dominican, Carmelite, Cistercians, etc.
  • Panels of individual communities throughout the country
  • The history of religious life from apostolic times to today
  • New institutes of consecrated life, founded recently
  • Descriptions of the hermit life, consecrated virginity, military orders, and much more.

The entire exhibit consists of 80 or so 22" x 33" sturdy panels that can be customized to suit the needs of your diocese, parish or school. Included are setup instructions, prayer cards for vocations, and “scavenger hunt” questions to add interactivity for youth or adults.

You will learn answers to the following questions, all part of the scavenger hunt!

   Which Order has as its motto Ora et Labora, that is, work and pray?

   According to tradition, which saint was said to have received the Holy Rosary from Our Lady?

   The word “hermit” comes from the Greek word eremos, which means what?

   What saint and founder bore on his body the wounds of Christ (that is, the stigmata)?

   Who was the first woman Doctor of the Church?

   What foundress of a great missionary order received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1979?


For a downloadable flyer, click here.

For sample panels, click on the links below

  The Military Orders (5.7MB)
  Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate Conception (4MB)
  Abbey of the Genesee (4.3MB)

 To schedule the Heralds of Holiness exhibit in your area, just contact the Institute on Religious Life at (847) 573-8975 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..