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Do you have an interest in serving the sick, elderly, poor or children? Is God calling you to contemplative prayer? Do you want to be a missionary or catechist? Do you have a belated vocation? Search for religious communities and Come & See!

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What is Vocation Search?

VocationSearch is a search engine to help you discover detailed information about the 185 Catholic religious communities that are IRL Affiliates. Filtering criteria allow you to select your interest area: Type of Community (monastic, consecrated lay, active, etc.), Spiritual Tradition (Franciscan, Carmelite, Dominican, etc.), Primary Apostolate (cloistered, education, missionary, etc.) and finally, communities that consider Belated Vocations.

When you select a community, you can learn more about their charism, mission, formation program, and qualifications for entry. There are links to the communities’ website and an email address for the vocation director and often articles and videos about the community.

You can also search men's and women's vocations visually on a map, using the same filters.