Labouré Society Vision:

A world where Catholic priests, sisters and brothers exist in abundant numbers to fill the worlds needs; where young people called to the priesthood or religious life can freely answer that call without being held back by their student loan debt.

Labouré Society  Mission:

Labouré is a national, Catholic, non-profit organization that rescues Catholic vocations from the impediment of student loan debt. The vast majority of seminaries, convents and religious communities in the U.S. will not accept men and women into formation if they have outstanding student loan debt. Labouré teaches these vocation candidates ("aspirants") a multi-dimensional, Catholic-based, fundraising model they use to accelerate the resolution of their student loan debt in 6-24 months rather than 10-20 years. The result: Since 2003, Laboure has delivered over 300 aspirants into seminaries and religious communities nationwide. Roughly 80% of those aspirants have been ordained, have professed final vows, or are currently in formation. 

Why Is Labouré's Program So Successful?

1. Labouré works with each aspirant to ensure that all personal means are used to mitigate their student loan amounts (consolidation, asset review, counseling, full-time employment etc.).

2. Labouré professionally trains each aspirant in Catholic based philanthropy grounded in humility, gratitude and hope for the Church.

3. Labouré forms a semi-annual 6 month "class" of 20-25 aspirants who--after receiving their 3 days of fundraising training at "boot camp"--return to their dioceses around the country and begin fundraising not for themselves but collectively as a class. Funds raised are never ear-marked for an individual aspirant.

4. Labouré mentors, counsels, and guides each aspirant over his/her fundraising journey. Each aspirant is assigned an individual mentor ("accountability partner") who holds the aspirant accountable to proper preparation and completion of personal fundraising plans. 

5. Labouré empowers each aspirant with media platforms, marketing/communication videos, written literature, donor software, free laptops, and continual webinar conferencing with the aspirant individually and with the class as a whole.

6. Labouré classes of 20-25 aspirants raise $500,000 to $600,000 in just 6 months. 

7. Labouré divides the raised funds among the individual aspirants based on their need and their individual fundraising success. The awards are applied to their student loan debt. Labouré manages the payments to the aspirants' loan lenders and makes small payments (only while the aspirant is actually in formation) of interest and principal over 36 months, with the balance of the award paid off in the 37th month.

8. Labouré aspirants undergo a significant human formation process during which confidence, vocational discernment/commitment, social interaction skills, public speaking skills, relationship building skills, evangelization skills and fundraising skills are strengthened. The rigor of the Labouré program tests the aspirants' commitment to their vocation. Bishops, vocations directors and superiors cite this human formation process as an invaluable dimension of the Labouré program.

9. Labouré aspirants--over 6 months--meet with thousands of Catholics. During these meetings the aspirants share the joy of their vocation story, their willingness to lay down their lives for the church and their courageous and faithful devotion to the Church. These meetings encourage Catholics nationwide and give them hope for the Church's future.

10. Labouré is the only lay organization of its kind in delivering student-loan debt impeded vocations to the Catholic Church.   

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